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  • - IMPROVE SPEED & AGILITY: Work on footwork with 12 round speed agility rings. The training hoops are each 16” in diameter, making them the perfect aids for drills on and off the field or court.
  • - GREAT VISIBILITY - This rings set comes in 3 vibrant shades of red, yellow and blue that create a stark contrast with any surface for enhanced visibility. So now you can carry on with your speed agility training no matter the weather conditions.
  • - STORAGE MADE SIMPLE: We’ve included a heavy duty carry bag for easy storage of the soccer agility rings when not in use. 
  • - ENJOY GREAT VERSATILITY: Unlike a footwork ladder that is limited in its set-up, our exercise agility rings can be set in multiple configurations to make each drill a challenging and rewarding experience. 

Agility Rings

SKU: AR-16
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